WTSF: An Introduction

Hey guys and gals, ladies and lads, I actually wanted to take some time to announce a new, semi-regular column. I’ll still be doing Black Box columns every once in a while and keeping up with Cop Rock, but I’ve run out of the original list of bad pilots I put together and need some time to reload.

So it’s time for something weird and different and fun. And it won’t actually be just me this time!

No, this time I get to pawn off half the work to my good pal and certified Friend O’ The Site™ Kyla MacDonald. She was the one responsible for me having to watch Titanic: The Legend Goes On, so you’re welcome for that one, Kyla. She’s great, you guys’ll like her.


She and I will be breaking down some crazy goddamn stuff. What crazy goddamn stuff, you ask?  Well, it all started with a photo.


This was a book, found by me in a used book store. I took the photo to send to a friend out of context and forgot about it.

Flash forward about a month: Kyla sends me and several other friends a completely different weird book cover and I remember about this one. I still have the photo so I send it. And we laugh at it, but then we start actually looking at the book cover.

I’d always seen the weird cat creature and the amulet and assumed that it was a horror novel about a cursed book or a mythical child-corrupting beast. But it wasn’t until this time when Kyla pointed out the spaceship hidden on the left side of the cover. Go back and look for it, it’s there.

So now we became obsessed, I drove out to that bookstore to find that book again and… the book was gone. But we were too int0 this mystery of what the fuck is going on in that book. Using the internets, one of us found it was part of a 21 book series. And then we decided to use that information for good.

Because we decided to go in deep. Kyla and I have resolved to go through the entire series and the associated works of David Weber, the author. I’ll be breaking down his non-main series works while she’ll handle the main books.

This is gonna be a ride, so buckle the fuck up for this. ‘Cause it’s gonna be weird.


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