Ok, Fine, I Watched It: “Major League” and “Special Correspondents

Despite my better efforts, there are some huge gaps in my film-watching repertoire. Gaps which, since 90% of my friends are just as film-nerdy as I, I am constantly given sh*t for. Which I super deserve. So now, to shut all of them up, I’ve decided to get to work on catching up on these gaps.

Also, I deserve a break this week, so I’m gonna take this week to help me clear out my Netflix queue. Because all that time I spend watching terrible trash movies is time I don’t spend watching movies I actually wanted to watch. Movies like…



So I’m not a sports guy. Like, at all.

I know, shocker.

But even though I’m not much of a sportesan, I still have a weird kinda affection for the sport of Baseball. I played little league in my youth (and fuuuuuuuuuuuckin’ suuuuuuuuuuuucked at it. Like, I’m talkin’ “right field” sucked at it), I watch about one baseball game a year, and MLB is the only EA Sports franchise I can get any pleasure out of. Also, I love sports movies and documentaries. Like, so much.

Major League is a fun little movie. It’s not gonna change your effin’ life, but it’s for sure worth a watch. The film follows the Cleveland Indians and their “how was this ever ok” logo.


                                                      …yeah, I know, that was my reaction too.

But forgetting about that for a minute, we have the actual plot. The owner of the Indians (THAT doesn’t sound the way I meant it to) wants to move the team to Miami, but won’t be able to unless attendance drops dramatically. So she hires the worst cast of roustabouts ever to make a losing baseball team, aiming for them to finish dead last.

But our lovable misfits find this out, and decide to win it all as a big ol’ fuck you to the boss.


Charlie Sheen is fun in this movie, as he was in all movies at that time. And the rest of the cast nails their individual parts to a tee. It’s a real ensemble movie and each of the more prominent characters have their own little arcs that feel well served.

Again, fun movie, but nothing especially unforgettable.

But hey, Netflix queue is shorter now.




Special Correspondents is a Netflix original movie that was given generally negative reviews from all fronts.

Which surprises me because I liked it quite a bit. I don’t think it’s Gervais’s best work, but I still had a decent amount of fun with it. The film stars Ricky Gervais and Eric Bana as a radio news team (Bana as the host, Gervais as his technical engineer) who have to pretend to be reporting from an Ecuadorian warzone, all while hiding out across the street from the radio station.

The movie was written and directed by Gervais, based on a french film from 2009. I have not seen the french original, and can find no information on it in english, sooooooo.


Gervais and Bana play off each other well as a comedic duo, with Gervais playing the beat-up-on underdog to Bana’s swaggering reporter. They have good chemistry which is important, as this is essentially a buddy movie.

But not counting the main two, most of the cast feels underserved. Vera Farmiga comes off the best, with a well rounded part as Gervais’s detached wife. Plus her song is kinda legitimate catchy. But Kevin Pollak (who I love) feels barely used. He has a couple of scenes, but not nearly as many as he should. America Ferrera and Raúl Castillo have nothing to do as the couple who shelters our heroes apart from a few jokes a piece that mostly fall flat. Such a wonderful cast, and only a third of them feel properly used.


But again, I enjoyed this movie. I’d recommend it is you got nothing to do and feel like watching something fun. The territory feels well-worn, but this is a movie that keeps that plotline from feeling stale. It’s fun overall and an enjoyable watch.

And that’s it for my break. Next week Why, 2K?! takes us into 2001 and with it, more shitty kids movies.

Here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again.


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